Is your closing time staffies session against the law?

Shady Pines 5

It’s a widespread and much loved end to the night. You shut the doors, close the bar and then crack a beer for staffies. But, in NSW at least, you could be breaking the law.

Three Sydney venues recently incurred a “first strike” against their record when they were found by police to have breached their authorised trading hours. One such bar was Shady Pines Saloon, where staff were found drinking on the premises “in breach of its authorised closing time.”

A spokesperson for the OLGR said that supplying alcohol after the authorised closing time is against the Liquor Act.
“Section 9 of the Liquor Act states that a licensee or an employee or agent of a licensee must not sell or supply liquor, or cause or permit liquor to be sold or supplied, in contravention of the conditions to which the licence is subject, which includes authorised trading hours,” they said.

They also said that compliance checks were normal and there was no specific targeted campaign on staffies. “Both OLGR and Police conduct ongoing compliance checks of licensed venues to ensure compliance with the liquor laws and venue licence conditions, which include authorised trading hours,” they said..

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