Drinks news in brief: a raft of spiced spirits, a name change for Independent Distillers, and Playboy gets into the vodka game


Is this the trend of the year? Perhaps spurred on by the success of spiced rums and honey-flavoured whiskies, it seems  a number of brands are releasing spiced versions this year.

One to watch will be Wild Turkey Spice, with its natural flavours of vanilla, caramel, clove and cinnamon coming through, and available now.

Speaking of spiced rum, Beam and CCA have just taken over the distribution of the Auckland-based Stolen Rum brands, which includes the new release Stolen Spiced rum.

In a sign that Independent Distillers Australia is no longer just an RTD company, they’ve changed their name to Asahi Premium Beverages. It’s a move that recognises the introduction and success of the Asahi beer and Somersby cider brands — not to mention the Japanese whiskies out here from the Nikka portfolio.


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Playboy magazine is getting into the booze game, The Daily Beast reports. The brand is behind the upcoming launch of a coconut vodka.

Have you heard of auto-brewery syndrome? if you have too much brewer’s yeast in your stomach, and you eat a lot of starch, the yeast goes to work on the starch and you end up with the sugars fermenting into alcohol, resulting in getting intoxicated.

TCA, the compound that causes cork taint in wines has been found to block the nose’s ability to smell. That is to say, it’s not just TCA’s damp aroma overpowering the rest of the wine — it actually suppresses your sense of smell by suppressing the activity of your sensory cells. Scientists even think that the musty smell associated with TCA-taint is an imaginary, pseudo-olfactory sensation.

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