Things we’re drinking right now: Eau de Vie’s Small Batch Cocktails

Eau de Vie bottled cocktails

Not ones for resting on their considerable laurels, the award-winning Eau de Vie is releasing their very own brand of small batch bottled cocktails. It’s something that has been on the cards for a while, according to owner Sven Almenning.

“Creating and releasing our own brand of small batch bottled cocktails is something we’ve wanted to do for years,” he said, “and we are very excited to announce that it is finally happening.”

The first release under this very handsome new label is a Cold Drip Negroni — otherwise known as the Cup O’ Camilio on their cocktail list — and a Coconut and Banana Rum Old Fashioned.

We can certainly recommend the Cold Drip Negroni — all you need to do is splash the 120ml serve over ice and let the combination of coffee, botanicals and sweetness give you the perfect pick-me-up. They’re not saying yet just where you’ll be able to pick up a bottle or two, but as soon as we know (and have stocked our office fridge first) we’ll fill you in.

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