Blue Moon rising over Australia: the popular Belgian-style wheat ale has arrived

Artist render 5 - Blue Moon

Since its launch in the US in 1995, the Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-style wheat ale has grown in popularity (these days you’ll be sure to find the flavoursome beer on tap in pretty much every airport bar across the country) and served to help ignite the interest in non-mainstream styles of beer there. Now, as part of CCA’s efforts to get back into beer in a big way, Blue Moon can be found across Australia.

Blue Moon Belgian White Belgian-style wheat ale is made using three types of malts (pale, white wheat and oats) with valencia orange peel and coriander thrown into the mix and left unfiltered. The oats assist with its creamy mouthfeel, and the orange and coriander give the beer a zesty aroma and tangy,crisp palate with a subtle underlying sweetness (thanks to the valencia orange peel).

To find out more about Blue Moon click here to visit their Facebook page.


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