Bacardi unveils new Art Deco look and “Untameable” attitude

bacardi untameable 550x220

Not many brands can claim to have faced the adversities Bacardi has: they’ve seen fires, earthquakes, Prohibition and exile, just to name a few. And their new “Bacardi Untameable since 1862″ campaign — which kicks off with the commercial shown below — is designed to capture those elements of the company’s family history.

“Bacardi is an amazing brand with so many rich and unique stories to share,” said senior brand manager, Demetrius Giouzelis. “Our new creative is hugely exciting for the local team. For the first time we speak to our authenticity and our heritage. In essence, this campaign brings to life the series of adversity the Bacardi family has endured and overcome throughout its 151 year history.”

They’ve also embraced their history in a new redesign of the Bacardi of the Bacardi Bat logo and the Bacardi word mark, taking its cues from the hand-drawn logos of the 1920’s.

You can find out more at the new look website,


Check out the new commercial below:

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