Australia’s biggest Japanese whisky range?

 uncle mings

Uncle Mings has been open in Sydney’s York Street for nearly 20 months now, but thanks to surging interest in Japanese whisky and other Asian drinks, they’ve been seeing an increase in trade.

“We needed a bit more of a hand, as the business grew — it’s probably double the size that it used to be,” said owner Justin Best. To do that, he’s brought on the talents of Matt Siely (ex-Foveaux, Zeta, Shochu Lounge), to assist in a new cocktail list that emphasises the bar’s extensive range of Asian drinks — chief among them being their soon-to-be 60-strong collection of Japanese whisky.

“It’s currently the largest selection in Australia,” said bar manager Flynn Mclennan. “We normally have about 53 but we have some single casks and some pretty rare ones on the way,” he said.

They’re stocking a full range from both Suntory and Nikka, and have some rare independent distillery bottlings handy too.


“It’s stuff that no-one else in Australia has,” he said.

uncle mings booze

They’re using more than 30 different suppliers to get the gear here from Japan.

“I’ve got a contact in Japan who works as a whisky adviser and he generally tells me before anyone else when there’s something new available,” he said, “ which gives us a chance to get a bottle.” The delivery involves the precious liquids being put aside in Osaka, forwarded to another address in Japan, then on to Australia.

“It’s actually a very time-consuming process,” said Mclennan. We reckon it’s worth the effort!

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