You’ve met mezcal, now meet raicilla


We’ve seen loads of great agave spirits arriving on these shores over last year — not just new top-notch tequilas but an array of mezcals and even a sotol or two have been hitting bars around the country. Well, thanks to Vanguard Luxury Brands you can now get your hands on raicilla too.

Raicilla is a mezcal which, like tequila, comes from the Jalisco region of Mexico. Made in the area around Puerto Vallarta, raicilla came about when producers back in the 1780’s wanted to get around a tax on mezcal, adopting the name of raicilla instead: “Oh, you’ve come to collect the tax on mezcal? This? This isn’t mezcal, hombre, this is raicilla.”

But raicilla is a mezcal, and the spirits from Raicilla La Venenosa are made by four different makers, each from a different region using a different species of agave. The brand was created by chef Esteban Morales, who wanted to highlight the spirit and the best producers. You can find out more about this great agave addition by contacting Vanguard Luxury Brands on 1300 DRINKS or by emailing

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