Alfred Cointreau to host masterclasses for trade

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You would expect a liqueur that has stood the test of time, so long that it actually predates prohibition, would have a rich heritage. Cointreau has a history almost as colourful as the liqueur itself and what better person to tell the story than 6th generation of the Cointreau family and Heritage Manager, Alfred Cointreau.

Alfred is making his inaugural visit to Australia to host a series of master-classes in each state, from March 10 for trade and industry. Demonstrating the skills learnt from his years spent with the Master Distiller as a 6th generation Cointreau, Alfred will showcase why no back bar is complete without the iconic orange bottle in prime position.

Undoubtedly the most attached to Cointreau’s birthplace and Alfred’s home town of Angers, in the heartland of the Loire Valley, Alfred Cointreau spent most of his childhood and teenage years learning and developing the family’s distillation skills. Cointreau was created in 1849, when Édouard-Jean and Adolphe Cointreau decided to take a break from the confectionary business and began producing liqueurs using local fruits at their family distillery in France. It was in 1875 that Édouard-Jean created the iconic square bottle for the orange liqueur that remains in prime position in bars today.

Inheriting his grandmother Elisabeth Cointreau’s mixing skills; Alfred’s passion for cocktails has seen him play an active role in every stage of creating the iconic orange liqueur at the Master Distillery. Alfred Cointreau, however, is more than just the great-great-grandson of Édouard Cointreau and is driven by a passion and obsession for perfection and remains committed to the unique character of the legendary spirit. As Heritage Manager, Alfred is responsible for communicating the love of a job well done to the brand’s key advocates, so that bartenders throughout the world guarantee their customers the very best by always using Cointreau.


Remaining the bartender’s quintessential cocktail ingredient for over 165 years speaks largely of Cointreau’s versatility and how it compliments a vast variety of short and long drinks. Bringing dimensional aromas of orange peel, orange chiffon and peppery spice on the nose before a smooth, satiny entry to a fruity, sweet, full body is why bartenders are turning to Cointreau for its quality and timelessness.

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Master-class dates:
Monday 10th March Perth, WA
Tuesday 11th March Adelaide, SA
Monday 17th March Sydney, NSW
Monday 24th March Melbourne, VIC
Tuesday 25th March Brisbane, QLD

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