No, Mount Gay rum has not shut down


Social media began lighting up today with the mistaken news that Mount Gay — one of the world’s oldest distilleries — had shut down.

Australian Bartender contacted the Australian distributor of Mount Gay, Suntory Australia, to find out more. An official statement from Mount Gay Distilleries Limited, who produce Mount Gay rums said: “There has been no cessation in the production of Mount Gay Rum in Barbados by Mount Gay Distilleries Limited, and the company is not synonymous with The Rum Refinery of Mount Gay Limited.”

There has been a history of some supply of stock between The Rum Refinery of Mount Gay and Mount Gay Distilleries, but let’s make this clear: Mount Gay rum is not affected. The two companies are both located at Mount Gay, but are two distinct and separate entities, said Raphael Grissoni, managing director of Mount Gay Distilleries.

The source of the confusion was an article published on Barbados Today which confused the two companies, and was picked up by a number of spirits people on social media.

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