A Pioneering outback trip for Glenfiddich supporters


In May 2014, Glenfiddich hosted a team of bartenders and off premise retailers in one of the year’s most exciting trips. Bartenders who succeeded in the Glenfiddich Pioneers cocktail competition joined off premise retailers who supported Glenfiddich over the Christmas period and Whisky Specialists James Buntin and Richard Blanchard on a quad biking adventure just outside of Alice Springs.

The unforgettable journey through the red centre involved riding quad bikes through the outback wilderness to a campsite where Buntin and Blanchard hosted the group in a Glenfiddich range tasting under the stars.



“Being a family owned distillery allows us to create pioneering whiskies and that is what this trip was about”, stated Glenfiddich marketing manager Mark Little.

“The guests who supported Glenfiddich in both the on and off premise were treated to an unforgettable experience as a thank you for their efforts, and after the trip we felt like we became a family of our own.”

The Glenfiddich Pioneers Cocktail competition will be running again in mid 2014. For more information please visit www.glenfiddichpioneers.com.au.


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