Lads talk ladies: Bec Derrington, Sarah Miller


Interviewed by Alex Ross & Chanel Liquori

Since the days of Ada Coleman, females have been behind the stick next to their male counterparts working 12-hour shifts, shaking up a storm and creating banging drinks.  We asked some of our nation’s best male bartenders who they’d back as their lady mixtresses.

Sarah Miller

Loch & Key, Melbourne

What made you want to be a bartender? 


I’ve been bored my whole life. This industry is the only thing that seems to have kept me interested for any real length of time.

Do you feel supported as a bartender? 

It’s taken a while but yes and it has nothing to do with being a woman. When I was a young bartender I had a huge ego and very little to back it up. Let’s be honest, the ego hasn’t gone anywhere (haha) but at least now I have the experience and skill set to match it.

Wizey Baleituvaki

Mr Miyagi, Melbourne

What makes Sarah Miller the First Lady behind the stick? 

To me, she has the complete set of skills; she’s professional, knows her shit, looks smart and loves a shot!

The most resonating lesson she has taught you? 

With the right attitude and confidence you can mix it up with the best of them on both sides of the bar.


Bec Derrington

Udaberri, Adelaide

What is the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in this industry? 

Staying on the forefront of a constantly evolving industry – there’s always something new to learn; be it a new product, a revived style, or understanding consumer trends.

What do females need to become leaders in hospitality? 

Anyone, be it female or male needs to be driven and disciplined to be a leader.

Eoghan O’Neill

Casablabla, Adelaide

How do you and Bec Derrington know each other or when did you first hear about her?

I first met Bec when she started work at Udaberri which had just opened opposite Casablabla where I work. She’s hard to miss,
if you’ve been there you’ll remember her.

One skill she possesses that you wish you had? 

Her up sell, it’s devastating. I don’t think customers can say no to her.

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