New ATM solutions from Next Payments


There’s many reasons why you might want to get your own ATM installed in your bar, but perhaps the most important one is that you don’t want punters leaving your bar to get cash out — they just might not come back.

Well there’s a relative newcomer offering ATM solutions — and a way to keep your punters in place — for your bar: Next Payments. They’re backed by Macquarie Bank, so you have peace of mind that they’re a reputable operator, and the their team of payments professionals have chalked up over five decades of experience.

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  1. Why are your charges so high for Bank of America?
    I’m enquiring for my neighbour, who gets charged $10 AU for using your Hysoung ATM at our local IGA STORE.
    An NCR ATM was removed when new owners took over the store, and replaced by yours.
    Previously, NO CHARGES at all, now $2.50 for withdrawals ? Most of the folks are pensioners

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