New addition to the Patrón luxury tequila range


SouthTrade have announced a new addition to the Gran Patrón range of tequila, Gran Patrón Piedra. It is the brand’s first extra anejo tequila, having been distilled three times before being aged for more than three years in both new American and French oak barrels.

“We created Gran Patrón Piedra to offer tequila aficionados a tasting experience unlike any other,” said Francisco Alcaraz, Patrón’s master distiller. “Its complex flavour profile and remarkably smooth finish sets Gran Patrón Piedra apart in the ultra-aged tequila category.”

It has a deep mahogany colour, and offers up aromas of “fruit, fresh mushroom, light citrus and toasted French oak,” according to the brand. It is presented in an elegant and striking bottle, and will be available from this month.

The Gran Patrón Piedra joins Gran Patrón Platinum and Gran Patrón Burdeos in the luxury range.


For more information contact your local SouthTrade representative or phone SouthTrade International on 02 8080 9150.

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