Take a look inside Perth’s new rum bar, Angel’s Cut

All photography credit: Jampal Williamson

WA’s James Connolly has been a busy guy. In addition to running the bar at Enrique’s School for Bullfighting — which was once a pop-up gin bar, but is looking these days more like a permanent addition to the Perth scene, thanks to its success — he’s also overseen the opening of a new rum bar for the group, Angel’s Cut by The Trustee.

The bar is a rebranding of The Trustee, which before its current incarnation was one of Perth’s leading wine bars. Connolly said that while Perth had a gin bar in the likes of Enrique’s, a bar focused on tequila in El Publico, and a couple of great whisk(e)y bars (like Varnish on King and Helvetica), he hoped the new focus on rum would plug a gap in the market.

“In terms of rum, we’ve got Hula Bula, but that’s more of a tiki bar,” he said, “where we’ll be a modern Australian rum bar. The focus is on having fun and people having a good time.”

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And that good time means that Connolly has had music on his mind. The selection is guided by the idea that “if you were driving and the song came on the radio — would you turn it up?”

They have over 100 rums on the back bar, Connolly said, ranging “from rhum agricole blancs to Guyanese demarara rums.”

There’s 10 cocktails on the list, and they have a Dark and Stormy menu as well. “We’re  looking to provide people with bang for their buck,” said Connolly.

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To that end, each of the white and spiced rums on the list also come with a convenient Daiquiri price, a handy tool for those of us more mathematically challenged. You’ll find that the aged rums on the list come with an Old Fashioned price, too.

The beers are designed to go hand in hand with a glass of rum, so they’ve got the Jamaican staple, Red Stripe, and Edinburgh brewer Innis & Gunn’s Rum Finish Oak Aged Beer among others.

While Connolly himself is in a beverage director role, he’s brought on board Patrick Carpenter from El Publico to run the bar day to day.

“He’s a consumate professional,” said Connolly.

Angel’s Cut by The Trustee is open now at 133 St Georges Terrace, Perth, from 4pm Monday to Saturday.


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