Glenfiddich is looking for Pioneering bartenders

All the finalists from the 2013 Glenfiddich Pioneers competition

The Glenfiddich Pioneers competition is back again this year — and to ramp things up a little bit more, Glenfiddich have added a second bow to the competition.

They’re running two divisions, if you will, of the comp at the same time. The first one runs the same as last year’s comp. Bartenders need to create two Glenfiddich cocktails that are inspired by a pioneering family member — one that is an easy to prepare Glenfiddich 12 Year Old cocktail using no more than four commonly found ingredients, and another drink using Glenfiddich 14 or 15 Year Old, which can be as creative as you can make it  (visit to find out what you need to do).

Glenfiddich is also holding the Future Pioneers stream, in which first-time entrants into the cocktail competition arena can get a taste of what is required by these comps and hone their skills. These bartenders will cut their teeth on the Glenfiddich 12 Year Old cocktail — again, using no more than four commonly found ingredients.

You’ll need to upload your drink to and have your drink available in your venue during the month of August (that’s how you’ll be judged), and finalists from each state will be invited to Sydney to fight it out in the grand final. Your cocktails will also be put into a cocktail book that’s released into the off-remise for Christmas.



Last year’s grand final saw competitors take on challenges out of Sydney, with a helicopter flight back to the big smoke for the big grand final party. It will definitely test your creative mettle and pioneering spirit.

So start experimenting and getting creative — entries for the comp close on July 31st. , and to upload your entry or to find out more, visit

There will be state finalists of each who will be invited up to Sydney to compete in the Grand Final.  All their cocktails will be put into a recipe book that will be released into the off trade during Christmas.


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