Happy Aperitivo! Blood orange season is here


Happy Aperitivo! SOLERNO celebrates the arrival of blood orange season in Australia 

SOLERNO, the blood orange liqueur made exclusively on the island of Sicily, is celebrating the Australian season of one of its native fruits – the blood orange, only available between August and October.

To spread the blood orange love SOLERNO have teamed up with Red Belly Citrus, one of the largest blood orange growers in the country, to offer blood orange deliveries to key bars and restaurants for those seasonal cocktails and gourmet dishes.

Dark crimson in colour and extremely juicy – like SOLERNO – blood oranges are extremely versatile and can enhance anything from cocktails, salads or desserts. SOLERNO is the only liqueur to offer the exotic flavours found in blood oranges, yet it’s infused with red berries, orange blossom and a hint of lemon that can be enjoyed all year round.


Produced by Master Distiller Lesley Gracie, also the creator of Hendrick’s Gin, SOLERNO is versatile as a base spirit (at 40% ABV) as well as a modifying sweetener. SOLERNO shines equally in modern interpretations of classic cocktails, original creations, and Italian inspired aperitivi.

Each exotic blood orange is hand plucked at the height of its short growing season from sun drenched groves on the slopes of Mt. Etna. At the Agrumeria Corleone, where five generations of Sicilians have extracted prized essential citrus oils, the finest fruit is processed within 24 hours to maintain the fresh, ethereal nature of the oil. 

Solerno Tasting Notes


The nose bursts with whole-fruit blood orange, red berries, orange blossom, and a hint of bright lemon. The palate yields a velvety sweetness, balancing tartness, and the full body of an 80 proof spirit with a long, dry finish.

The fresh essential oil of the blood orange is blended with Sicilian lemon and a quality neutral spirit base, and then lightly sweetened with natural sugar. The perfectly balanced liquid is then packaged in a beautiful Murano inspired glass bottle, which flushes a deep red like the skin of the blood orange fruit.

SOLERNO retails for around $70 and is available to purchase from some of Australia’s most respected bars, restaurants and Dan Murphy’s.

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