Yoshi Onishi wins NSW Suntory Cup final


Yoshi  Onishi wins the  NSW Suntory Cup state final to join the Cocktail Connoisseurs at the national final in Sydney later this year!

In the closing chapter of the State finals  Yoshi Onishi was crowned NSW  Suntory Cup state final winner 2014 with his Repeat after me creation, scoring himself not only a shot at the top prize but bragging rights and a selection of spirits from the Suntory portfolio. In close second was Jonothan Carr  from Mojo Record Bar with his Turning Japanese creation and Marco Oshiro Giron  from Black by Ezard with A Japanese artisan, A Carthusian Monk, A sommelier walk into a bar being awarded 3rd place. Jono and Marco both scored themselves selections from the extensive Suntory portfolio.

Winner: Yoshi Onishi
Cocktail:  Repeat after Me
Venue:  Stitch Bar

2nd Place: Jonathan Carr
Cocktail: Turning Japanese
Venue:  Mojo Record Bar


3rd Place: Marco Oshiro Giron
Cocktail: A Japanese Artisan, a Carthusian Monk, and a sommelier walk into a bar
Venue:  Black by Ezard

This year Suntory Cup NSW was hosted at The Loft, Darling Harbour, where guests were came in by the droves  (Just shy of 300 to be exact!) to support the finalist’s battle it out for the chance to win a trip of a life time to Japan with $1000 spending money.


To get to this point, competitors were tasked back in April with creating an original cocktail using a minimum of 45mls from Suntory’s ever-diverse portfolio and submitting it online at www.clubsuntory.com. Judges then blind tasted the 633 individual entries, assessing the appearance, taste and aroma, without knowledge of the entrant’s name or place of work, making for a truly level playing field where the best-tasting drinks are those chosen.

Winners from each state have been chosen from VIC, WA, QLD, SA and NSW to contest the national final consumer event in Sydney, Cocktail Connoisseur, and a chance to win the top prize of the ultimate bartender’s fantasy trip to Japan visiting cocktail bars and distilleries with $1000 spending money!

Want to try the winning recipe for yourself?

Yoshi Onishi’ Repeat After Me

Glass: Coupette Glass
Garnish: Pink Grapefruit Zest
Method: Stir and Strain into an Absinthe rinsed glass
30ml Russian Standard Gold Vodka
10ml Remy Martin VSOP
10ml Amaro Montenegro
10ml Carpano Antica Formula
10ml Finsbury Platinum
Rinse Pernod Absinthe

Our full complement of competitors for the NSW Suntory Cup 2014:

Justin Southam, Pirate Hook, Reviver Bar

Evan Brown, Spanish Inquisitor, Embers Bar

Yoshi Onishi, Repeat After Me, Stitch

Marco Oshiro Giron, A Japanese Artisan, a Carthusian monk, a sommelier walk into a bar… Black by Ezard

Yoshi Onishi, Repeat After Me, Stitch Bar

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