Cats don’t like whisky, but distillers like cats


In the same way the internet depends on pictures of cats for its survival, so too do whisky-makers depend on cats to keep their distilleries going.

American radio outlet NPR has a neat little story on the use of distillery cats in both the UK and America.

It’s not just company that the distillers are looking for from their furry friends, though — they’re more interested in the cats’ ability to rip meeces to pieces.

There’s a lot of grain stored at these distilleries and that, obviously, attracts mice. NPR mentions the legend of Towser the Mouser, the distillery cat at Glenturret distillery, who holds the Guinness Book of Records title for killing the most mice — a whole 28,899 of them. Towser’s no longer with them, but he has received a statue for his mice-fighting efforts.


Click here to read — and listen — to the full story.

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