New Japanese whisky landing on Aussie shores


Suntory have announced they are releasing Suntory Whisky Kakubin — their blended whisky, first made in 1937 — into the Australian market.

The Kakubin — which translates as “square bottle” in Japanese — has found popularity in Japan through the Kakubin Highball (a healthy measure of Kakubin, loads of ice, a slice of lemon, and topped with soda) and is also credited with arresting the decline in whisky sales in Japan a few years back.

“Kakubin-Highballs are on offer at almost every bar and restaurant in Japan, and are often enjoyed over a meal with friends or snack at an izakaya bar,” said Yosuke Minato, GM of Trade Marketing & Corporate Planning for Suntory Australia.

“I envisage Kaku Highballs being very popular here in Australia especially as we head into the warmer months and people look for a refreshing drink.”


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