This Bar Week, go back to when bars were shiny!


If you’re a rookie bartender, or even if you’ve been doing this for a few years now, you could be forgiven for thinking that cocktails have always been classically constructed; you may assume the enormous array of bitters, amari and small batch spirits have always been there on the back bar, that everything has always been made with the aid of Japanese barware.

But you’d be wrong. There was a time when the muddler ruled the bartending world, when just about everything that wasn’t a Martini was called one nonetheless. Sure, some of it was embarrassing, but mostly it was a helluva lot of fun.

On Saturday the 27th of September Charlie Ainsbury and Adi Ruiz will take you back to the era of 00’s cocktails. They’ve trawled through old cocktail lists for a one time, one night belter of a menu — it promises to be loads of fun!

When Bars Were Shiny!

Bulletin Place, Lvl 1 10-14 Bulletin Pl, Sydney
When: Saturday 27 September 6pm till late
Booking: Entry is free.
Charlie Ainsbury and Adi Ruiz take you back to the era of 00’s cocktails. Before the classic sensibilities, when drinks were tall proud and colourful; garish and unapologetic. We’ve trawled through old lists for a one time, one night belter of a menu. Join us and take a fond, but necessarily brief, step back in time.



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