Take a look at the Coppersmith Hotel

Coppersmith-HotelPhoto credit: James H. H. Morgan

Coppersmith Hotel

435 Clarendon St. South Melbourne

We’re fortunate enough here at Australian Bartender to get to do a bit of travel. And when it comes to picking a hotel to stay at, we’re not moved by much. We’re rarely in the room anyway, and to be frank, after a night out “researching” and “working”, we’re always going to have that kind of restful, deep sleep afforded to drunken writers (and which our livers crave).

140731-Coppersmith-Bar---credit-James-H.-H.-MorganPhoto credit: James H. H. Morgan

But if your sleeping establishment features a drinking establishment downstairs? And if said drinking establishment has bone marrow on the bar menu? Well, now you have our attention. Add to that 18 taps of God’s own proof that He loves us — featuring mainstream lagers as well as local Victorian craft brews like Brunswick Bitter and 3 Ravens Extra Special Bitter — and the proposition becomes dangerous: it might be hard to leave the hotel in the first place.

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