Go inside Dandelyan (the menu’s unlike any other)

Dandelyan_8V7A3857The team of Dandelyan, London


20 Upper Ground London, SE1 9PD, England

Last month we spoke with the Ryan Chetiyawardana and Iain Griffiths, the guys behind the award-winning White Lyan in London. As we mentioned in the story the lads have been busy, with the opening of a bar, Dandelyan, in the newly minted Mondrian hotel in London.

In atmosphere and bar design, Dandelyan is a few steps removed from the aesthetic of White Lyan, with a stately dark green marble bar spanning the length of the room, plenty of brass, and a feel of opulence and luxury.



But the emphasis on serving unique drinks unavailable elsewhere remains. “Continuing the story from White Lyan, Dandelyan at Mondrian London is focused on re-evaluating the traditional bar set up to elevate familiar and proprietary cocktails to new levels,” said Chetiyawardana.


Their cocktail list is divided into four sections:

  • Cereal, with drinks like the Evil Manhattan — a combination of Mr Lyan English botanical beer ‘vermouth’, Rittenhouse Bonded Rye, and bitters;
  • Vegetal, starring a combination of Tapatio tequila, douglas fir, Kamm & Sons, grapefruit and Fever Tree Elderflower tonic called Elderfir;
  • Mineral, which includes a drink called Defrutum — Mr Lyan vodka, Tio Pepe sherry, clay and Peychaud’s bitters;
  • and Floral, the section in which the Dandelyan Sour sits using Beefeater London Garden gin, lemon, lime, dandelion capillaire, and garden bitters.

The menu also offers simple keys to the ideal time of day with which to sip these drinks (the Defrutum, for instance, is suggested for the day time “lighter, early and with food”).

If you want to take a quick class in crafting a cocktail list that is forward-thinking (and, may we say, beautifully designed), then take a look at Dandelyan’s list by clicking here or viewing it below.


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