In obscure Bolivian spirit news: Soderbergh’s singani


So you’ve not heard of the Bolivian grape spirit singani before? Neither had we. But apparently the award-winning film-maker/director/George Clooney’s mate Steven Soderbergh has, and he’s bringing his own brand of the stuff to market in the US.

First off, we weren’t sure if this was a hoax or not. Take a look at their website, which makes a bit of fun of Soderbergh and eschews most of the regular liquor marketing schtick for something that is entertaining, and you’ll see what we mean. What we can say though is that this spirit, produced from Muscat of Alexandria grapes grown higher than 5,200 feet in the Andes of Bolivia, is apparently a thing.

The best we can tell is that singani has been made for yonks (say, 500 years or thereabouts), and is a small batch, clear and colourless vodka-like grape spirit (though it’s classified as a brandy in the US), with a floral nose and smooth palate.

In a story on, the Soderbergh explains that he first came across the drink on a shoot in Bolivia in 2008, and was amazed at the high-buzz like effect the drink had on him. ““I had literally never had a drink that I had that reaction to,” he told


The spirit has been picked up by influential NYC bars like Milk & Honey and Death & Co., according to the brand’s website. Those sceptical about what a director knows about booze might like to hear why Soderbergh reckons he’s uniquely placed in the liquor business.

“I have been able to make my way to this point by, pretty much, moment to moment, day to day, being able to distinguish between something that is ordinary, and something that’s exceptional,” he said.

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  1. I would also like to know how to purchase Singani in Australia?
    It appears no one delivers outside of the US?

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