Looking for staff? Find them for free this summer


By Sam Bygrave

Summer is the busiest time of year for bars, and you’ll likely need to staff up. But it can be hard to find good staff who care about what they do. It can be hard to find that one good bartender amidst the loads of rubbish resumes flowing in from the big job websites. And job posts on the various Facebook bartender forums can get lost in the noise of the latest trolling war.

Good bartenders can be hard to find.

We want to help fix that. So we’re really pleased to announce our new jobs board for Australian bartenders, at jobs.australianbartender.com.au. Employers, it’s free to post job ads this summer.


We’ve heard from so many bars around the country that it’s hard to find good staff, so we’re hoping that our jobs board will help you find the bartenders who give a damn — bartenders who will do the job right.

And we figure that the bartenders who read Australian Bartender are exactly the kind of bartender who does give a damn. They’re the ones you want to hire.

It’s easy to register and post your first job and it won’t cost you a thing this summer. And if you’re a bartender looking for a good gig, it’s even easier. Just follow the links on australianbartender.com.au or click here to go to the jobs site now.

And keep an eye on our newsletters each week — we’ll highlight some of the latest jobs there, too (that goes out to over 11,500 people twice a week).

And let us know how things go. We’ll be making tweaks to the jobs board as we go along over the next few months, so if there’s a feature you want, let us know — email me at sam@spantonmedia.com.

Happy hunting!

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