Here’s a book on hi-tech ‘tending you ought to see


Over the years, there’s been one website we’ve referred to more than most when it comes to settling drunken arguments about whether this shake is better than that one, which ice to use when, etc, etc. That site was a blog called, and was written by Nils Noren and Dave Arnold.

Arnold has since moved away from the more cheffy aspects of his previous work at New York’s French Culinary Institute tech blog, and has taken his scientific approach and tech-wizadry to set up Booker & Dax, next to Momofuku’s Ssam Bar in the NYC’s East Village.

And now he’s turned his experience and expertise into a book on booze, called Liquid Intelligence: the Art and Science of the Perfect Cocktail.

Arnold gives tips on equipment, the science behind ice and chilling cocktails, rapid infusions, nitro muddling, and a whole lot more.


It’s guaranteed to be an indispensable book for those bartenders looking to explore the high-tech world of contemporary drinks.

You can get it at or through Amazon — take your pick!

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