Seachange Cocktail Bartender

Looking for a seachange?

Want to leave your mark on a local industry?

The Milestone Group of venues in the Northern Territory is always looking for talented and passionate bartenders that can assist us in our dream of improving the standard of bartending in the NT.  You will work at one of multiple Milestone Venues such as The Deck Bar, Chow, Nirvana, The Arch Rival and more on the horizon but expectation is also that you will contribute to the local bartender community in organised events such as competitions, tastings and masterclasses and training sessions. With the full support of all local liquor suppliers and reps, as well as local industry personalities together we will see a measurable increase in skills, service and overall industry retention.

Cement your presence in the Darwin Bartender community and be open to opportunities in our growing market for possible private enterprise. Darwin does not yet have a ‘small bar scene’ as has become popular in other states and it will never have one until there is a marked improvement in the quality of bartenders able to accept the challenge and opportunities that become available. Great bars are owned and run by great bartenders!

What you need:

  • quality experience
  • good chat and a passion for great drinks
  • genuinely love making customers happy
  • pride in what you do
  • teamwork skills
  • a drive to succeed

Want to know more? Email Jason Hanna  at

Assistance in relocation can be arranged.

Why the Northern Territory is an Opportunity!

The Northern Territory is Asia’s front door to Australia, with the population of Asia over 4 billion people. Darwin’s port is Australia’s closest major port to Asia and Darwin’s airport is Australia’s closest international airport to Asia. Asia has some of the world’s fastest growing economies with demand for raw materials, energy, food, skilled labour, training services, tourism options and other goods and services steadily increasing.

With its open for business attitude, the Northern Territory has already built strong, enduring relationships within Asia and has proved it can accommodate major development projects such a railway and major gas plants.

The Northern Territory has considerable untapped resources and undeveloped areas. We have room for growth without affecting urban areas, building on arable land or damaging environmentally sensitive areas. We are not waiting for things to happen. Service industries in areas such as international education, tropical health and defence support are being developed, as are our links to Asia.

Here’s a video