How do you say vermouth? In Spanish it’s ‘vermut’

We love the recent addition of new vermouths to this country. While there’s nothing wrong with the established brands — they’ve been making some smashing Negronis for a long time — we always like to see a little diversity on the back bar, or in this case, in the fridge (you do know by now it’s best to store them sealed in the fridge, right?).

Well, say hello to Casa Mariol Vermut Negre. Hailing from Spain, this vermouth is made from wines made from the Macabeu grape, fortified with neutral grape spirit, and flavoured with over 160 botanicals. It makes use of less caramel than other vermouths, resulting in what they say is a “lighter, more fragrant and spicy vermouth.”

Finally, the vermouth is aged for six months in a solera system, incorporating some wines that are up to 60 years old.

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