The February issue is available to download now!


Is it February already? The latest issue — with a very bright cover, we might add — is now available to download for iPad.

We’ve got a raft of great Caribbean cocktails in this issue, as well as stories on long lost liqueurs; a look at Canberra’s most electric new opening, Akiba; and interviews with Angostura’s John Georges, The Rook’s Rollo Anderson, and couple of vermouth experts.

We go to Sydney’s most rockingest small bar, Vasco, to learn how to make the El Diablo, and answer all the questions you’ve got about riesling in our wine column. There’s all that, plus a two page explainer article on rotary evaporation and a guide to some of Canberra’s best bars — so head to the App Store and download the Australian Bartender app now.

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