The Kilburn to rise on old Baranow’s Lounge site

Ben-Baranow-Joey-TaiBen Baranow and Joey Tai

There were heavy hearts throughout the industry when the news came in last year that Baranow’s Lounge, one of the last remaining bastions of cigars, would close its doors.

Well, owner Ben Baranow has told us there’s a new venue rising on the site.

“It’s called The Kilburn. It’s named after the architect who designed the building in the 1800’s — unfortunately he never got to see the building get built,” he said.

Baranow is giving the site a complete makeover and rethink, he said.


“It’s the same site, but a complete refit, so the whole cigar side of it is gone completely. There’s no cigars sold, no tobacco at all.

“Nothing has stayed the same, except for the shell of the bar. The back bar is being added to, the bar’s being extended  — it’s about an eight and a half metre long bar now.”

Whisky lovers will be pleased, however, as not only will The Kilburn stock a big range of whisky, he’s also creating an intimate space to enjoy some of the very, very good stuff.

“We’ve got a small private whisky tasting room going in as well, which will accomodate about 30 people,” he said. “[We’ll do] some pretty good whisky tastings, the focus of that is not run of the mill stuff, but getting quite expensive bottles open for tasting — and we can sell takeaway bottles.”

Running the now 200 person capacity venue is Joey Tai, and there will also be a small food offering, designed to accompany drinking.

The Kilburn will trade six days a week, and is licensed until 3am. You can check them out at 348 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn, from March 14th.

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  1. I have been fortunate to have come across this article, funny enough we went to school together very long time ago. (Donkey years)
    I have to say I am very proud of you Ben baranow you have done exceptionally well for yourself.
    My family live in Bendigo, so unfortunately I can’t come see your amazing lounge. So I will say Hi here
    Although I am definitely putting this on my bucket list, to come visit and see your amazing pub & achievements, after this horrible Covid times.
    It crossed my mind to send you an email, and drop you a line, to see how you are coping with lockdown.
    I’m very certain you are a busy man, of course, we All are really, so please don’t feel obligated to reply, although I thought it would be nice to ask you.
    Funny isn’t it, it is a small world after all, but I will never forget my childhood and the people I’ve meet from school, I mean in all seriousness our names got called out for 265 times a year.
    I hope you are coping well/ and your family.
    Stay strong, good vibes
    & I hope lock down isn’t for too much longer.
    Cheree Leonard (Tabley)

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