Google is now a cocktail nerd like you

Well, it might be that the Google’s army of engineers grew tired of bartenders not knowing their specs (we imagine Google programmer-types would be sticklers for detail), but whatever the reason, it’s now easier to Google a cocktail’s specs on shift.

Google have done their algorithm thing and launched a new feature. When you hit the name of a cocktail into Google, you’ll now see the specs for that drink pop up right there in the search results.

It works well when searching for big time drinks like the Manhattan, Mojito et. al., and even picks up the specs for the Last Word. But try something a little more obscure (but just as delicious), like the London Calling, and the feature doesn’t offer up a recipe.

(You can, however, grab the recipe here.)

So maybe cocktail nerds won’t be replaced by robots just yet.

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