Here’s Perrier’s new sparkling water flavours


Nothing is quite as refined as sparkling mineral water, and the French produce fine examples (hello, Perrier). And now Perrier have added a lemon and a lime flavour to their range of mineral waters, which should offer up extra avenues of flavour for your long drinks.

They come in 330ml or 750ml bottles, and are available through Stuart Alexander.

Contact your Stuart Alexander sales representative for more info.

  1. The demise of perrier water in Australia.

    Where has all the fantastic sparkling natural bottled perrier water gone. I have been unable to buy it in stores and bottle shops for yonks. Macs liquor nah, wollies and coles nah. They now all appear to be flogging Italian mineral water, not as good as perrier and sometimes comes in plastic bottles, yuck. I prefer mine in glass. What next beer in plastic bottles. Cans were bad enough but plastic, come on fair suck of the sav.

    Lets start a campaign to bring back perrier. Vive la France.

    Sydney Australia.

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