Win a trip to Iceland with Reyka Vodka

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Win a trip to Iceland for the Icelandic Bartender Experience with Reyka Vodka

Reyka Vodka is a wonderfully inventive spirit born in Iceland’s first vodka distillery which has recently made its way over to Australian shores.

Joe Petch – Global Brand Ambassador for Reyka Vodka will be in Sydney and Melbourne late March – early April to educate bartenders about the innovative and ingenious spirit of Iceland.

Joe has truly adopted the resourceful brand ethos and has created contraptions such as the Perfect Vodka Martini Dispenser (which chills liquid to -18 degrees) and more recently, the Chainsaw Cocktail Shaker to perfectly shake 10 Reyka Ramos Fizz cocktails in 25 seconds.


You can see the video here or check it out below.

During his visit Joe will be promoting the ‘Creative Contrast’ cocktail competition where Reyka is challenging bartenders to think outside of the box and create unconventional connections.

“Iceland is a land of many contrasts, from the vast glaciers, to the volcanic lava beds; summers of endless sunlight are followed by winters filled with darkness.

We challenge you to create a Reyka vodka cocktail showing a juxtaposition (and justify why the contrast works), to win a place in the Icelandic Bartender experience.”

Bartenders in Sydney & Melbourne can visit to find out how to submit their entry into the competition, entries close 10th April 2015.

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