Southtrade expands their premium offering

Australian bartenders are faced with an abundance of choice when it comes to stocking their back bar. SouthTrade International are mindful of this and have five new offerings that bartenders will gladly showcase to their consumers.

The new additions are Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream, Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, Dictador Rum, Meukow Cognac and Hayman’s Royal Dock Gin.

Australians are the world’s biggest American whiskey drinkers per capita and television shows in recent years such as Mad Men and Boston Legal are continuing to fuel Australia’s increased interest in and consumption of whiskey.

“Given the popularity of whiskey in Australia right now and our established relationship with The Sazerac Company, the addition of Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream and Blanton’s was a natural development of our portfolio,” says National Brand Manager James Johnstone.

On allocation to Australia, Buffalo Trace Bourbon Cream is handcrafted using Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon, making it the perfect marriage of rich delicious cream and smooth Kentucky Bourbon.



Also produced at the most awarded distillery in the world, Blanton’s Original Private Reserve is selected from the middle sections of the famous Warehouse H at Buffalo Trace Distillery. The taste profile is sweet with citrus and oak and while it was once designated for ambassadors and dignitaries, today it can be accessed and enjoyed by all.

The premium gin segment is experiencing strong growth in Australia and consumers are seeking authentic brands with genuine heritage.

Hayman’s Royal Dock represents a style of gin supplied by the Hayman’s Family and previous generations under the mark ‘Senior Service Gin’ to the Royal British Navy from 1863. This Navy Strength Gin at 57% ABV was the strength required to enable gunpowder to still light if gin was spilt on it.


It has a robust bright profile with an enhanced citrus and floral aromatic nose from the Navy Strength.

With very few navy strength gins available in Australia, National Brand Manager Michael McAdam is confident Hayman’s Royal Dock fills a gap in the market and will be a popular choice among gin lovers.

Australian migrants born in China are the third largest overseas-born population in this country and China is the biggest market for cognac in the world. Bars are benefiting from stocking a range that meets their needs and so it was a natural progression for SouthTrade to add a cognac to their premium portfolio of spirits.


Meukow Cognac was founded by Russian brothers Auguste-Christophe and Gustave Meukow who travelled to France in 1862 with the task of supplying the Russian Royal Court with Cognac brandies. It was after several trips that they created the House A.C. Meukow & Co on August 1, 1862.

Top Australian venues such as Lobo Plantation, The Rum Diaries and The Keystone Group have been demanding a leading drinks specialist to take on Dictador in Australia. Many venues had been ‘smuggling’ the Colombian rum into Australia previously and wanted an importer to build the brand they all know and love.

Venues now look for brands that ooze authenticity and heritage, something Dictador perfectly balances. The product is an aspirational lifestyle brand which combines the best traditions from Colombian distilleries with innovative European design and high-quality, custom-made Japanese bottles.

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