Bincho: izakaya-style eats and great drinks



339 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley

When it comes to eating and drinking the Japanese izakaya style is hard to beat: charcoal grilled meats and booze are just about all we need to survive, if you ask us.

Opening in Brisbane recently is Bincho, part of the Katarzyna stable of hospitality (Press Club, Cloudland and Family being among their other venues) and they’re bringing top notch izakaya food along with cocktails, sake and beer. What’s not to like about that?

Steven Hubbard is leading the bar team and he’s put together a list of cocktails inspired by Japanese flavours and ingredients like umeshu, shochu, sake, and of course, Japanese whisky (they’re banging out Japanese Slippers with Midori, too).
You’ll be able to satisfy your urge for chicken skin done yakitori style, too (and if you’ve not developed such an urge yet, you’re doing it wrong), as well as a host of wagyu, pork belly and chicken thigh yakitori, too.

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