The Drinks of Instagram: 9 booze accounts to follow


It’s billed as a way to share the world’s moments, and so ubiquitous is the Instagram app on people’s smartphones that you can no longer work out who the bloggers are in a venue. Everyone, as they say, is doing it.

Here’s a few people we like for booze on Instagram. It’s listed in no particular order, but we did put numbers with it because that’s how you do things on the interwebs. It is by no means a definitive list, so apologies if you’re miffed that you’re not on here. You know, #sorrynotsorry.

(Ugh. We just vomited in our mouths a little bit).



A photo posted by Matthew Bax (@matthewbax) on

1. @matthewbax
BIO: Matthew Bax Artist who sometimes makes drinks. Trink Tank. Bar Americano. Bar Economico. Bar Exuberante.

Easily one of the more prolific booze people to follow on Instagram, Matthew Bax — owner of Bar Americano and Bar Economico in Melbourne— has used it to document the opening of his latest project, Bar Exuberante.

2. @mixingdrinks
BIO: Jason Williams Group Bars Manager The Keystone Group

Jason Williams is the group bars manager of The Keystone Group, and if you’re following him you’ll get a good look at the drinks they’re making across the group.
Nicely composed shots, you’ll see plenty of Williams’ penchant for considered, well-styled drinks and interesting garnishes.

San Luis del Rio – Espadin and Tepeztate.

A photo posted by Bobby Heugel (@bobby_heugel) on

3. @bobby_heugel

BIO: Bobby Heugel Clumsy Butcher: Anvil Bar & Refuge, Underbelly, Hay Merchant, The Pastry War, Blacksmith, etc. Love a good gin & tonic in the shower.

If you haven’t heard much about Bobby Heugel, we suggest you
give him a follow. He’s well known
in the US for his advocacy around agave spirits and particularly, issues affecting growers. He’s on tour in Mexico a lot, too.

Max and Luca

A photo posted by Vasco (@vascojoint) on

4. @vascojoint
BIO: Vasco 421 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills. ‘I know it’s only rock & roll….but I like it’

It’s a bar we’ve called the rockingest little bar in Sydney. What we like about the Vasco account is that much of the images they share really capture the vibe of the place. It’s crazy, a little chaotic, and a lot of fun.

Sangiovese ~ King Valley ~ Pizzini ~ today.

A photo posted by Mike B (@mikerism101) on

5. @mikerism101

BIO: Mike B Wine writer. Wine vandal. Rootstock Sydney festival co-founder. Picture taker of: missions in wine land, beer cans, wine bottles, views, ephemera

Mike Bennie is a wine writer and also a prolific Instagrammer. He’s recently been in Japan, checking out sake breweries and getting up close and personal with a bunch of bottlings. It’s one of the more jealousy-inducing accounts.

6. @romeolane

BIO: Romeo Lane We are a tiny table service cocktail bar. 1A Crossley St, in Melbourne CBD. Mon-Thurs 3pm-1am, Fri & Sat 12pm – 1am & Sunday by appointment only

This little Melbourne bar has won hearts and minds since opening up last year, and its also won a few followers on Instagram with some great booze porn shots. Well composed, delicious drinks — just like what they do at the bar.

Online today, read up on the Tropical Gin Fizz from Charles H. Baker's The Gentleman's Companion.

A video posted by Australian Bartender (@australianbartender) on

7. @australianbartender

BIO: Australian Bartender

Yep, here’s a shameless plug for our own Instagram. Tune in to us to know where we’re at, get a look at some of the drinks going into upcoming issues, and keep an eye on us during Bar Week.

Time 100 event at the Lincoln Center. Attaboy 1, fashion 0

A photo posted by Attaboy (@attaboy134) on

8. @attaboy134

BIO: Attaboy

This is one of the New York bar scene’s more colourful Instagram accounts. Owners Sam Ross and Michael McIllroy don’t do much in the way of booze porn, but you’ll definitely get an insight into what it’s like owning one of New York’s favourite hospo bars. And you’ll probably be a bit envious, too.

Just checking out the best bar team in Australia.

A photo posted by Sam Bygrave (@sambygrave) on

9. @sambygrave

BIO: Sam Bygrave Editor of Australian Bartender; Daiquiri-seeker; washed-up bartender.

If your Instagram feed has a distinct lack of aeriaL, birds-eye view photos of Daiquiris, our editor Sam Bygrave has you covered.

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