Absenteroux is a vermouth with an absinthe twist…


We’ve seen a number of new vermouths hit the local market of late, and now here comes one with a twist.

Absenteroux is, much like vermouth, a fortified wine (they use ugni blanc, grenache blanc, vermentino and clairette from Provence) with the usual suspects of wormwood and other herbs and spices flavouring the mix. But with a light green colour and botanicals like anise in the mix (along with coriander, lemon balm, mint and gentian) it is reminiscent of fine absinthe — vegetal, fruity, with a spicy sweet finish, it weighs in at 18% ABV and is available through Cerbaco.

For more information contact Cerbaco Distribution on 0396468022 or visit cerbaco.com.au.

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