Here’s five new craft brews from Yenda, NSW

andy-bob-gregYenda brewers Andy, Bob, and Greg

Take a look at these five new additions to the burgeoning Australian craft beer market.

The Yenda craft beer range was released on draught late last year, and having won medals at both the Australian Craft Beer Awards and the Royal Sydney Beer Show, they’re now being released in a 330ml format.

Coming from Australian Beer Company, these beers from Yenda, NSW seek to bridge the divide between craft beers drinkers and mainstream beer drinkers with brews that are approachable but firmly rooted in a craft beer foundation.

Described as malt-driven, full bodied beers with a clean finish, there’s an Australian style pale ale in the Yenda Pale Ale, a Yenda Golden Ale with passionfruit and citrus aromas, and an India Pale Ale that tips the bittering scales at 55 IBU.


There’s also mid-strength option in the Yenda Red Ale that employs the darker Munich and crystal malts, and a maltier lager style in the Yenda Hell: Helles Lager.


Here’s the tasting notes for the whole range:

Yenda Pale Ale
The Yenda Pale Ale is an Australian-style pale ale with pronounced floral and tropical fruit hop aromas and subtle malt character. The bitterness from the new world hops balances the full-bodied malt flavour, delivering a refreshing, clean finish.
ABV 4.5%, IBU Bitterness 35

Yenda Golden Ale
The Yenda Golden Ale is light amber in appearance with malty flavours and is balanced with a clean hoppiness. The aroma is strong on passion and citrus with a zesty crisp finish. This golden ale goes down a real treat. Goes well with salty afternoon snacks, white meats and white fish.
ABV 4.2%, IBU Bitterness 25

Yenda India Pale Ale
The Yenda IPA is an Australian-style IPA. Lots of attractive hop aroma, big fruity, citrus and berry hop character derived from multiple brewhouse and dry hop additions complement the malt complexity achieved by the judicious use of crystal and roasted malts.
ABV 5.4%, IBU Bitterness 55

Yenda Red
The Yenda Red is an exciting mid-strength red ale, layered in malt complexity so that the lower alcohol can be attained while retaining the rich flavours from the dark crystal and Munich malts. The use of these specialty malts gives Red its characteristic red hue and the malty burnt sugar aroma and sweetness. To finish, we have dry hopped with Galaxy adding its characteristic passion fruit and citrus like aromas.
ABV 3.5%, IBU Bitterness 30

Yenda Hell: Unfiltered Helles Lager
A Helles-style lager, the unfiltered nature of Yenda Hell gives it a light smooth body while retaining an intense but refined hop aroma. The Helles is straw in colour, full strength with more malt flavour than a typical Australian lager. The addition of the exciting new hop Vic Secret as a dry hop adds a modern Australian twist and an interesting grapefruit and pineapple-like aroma.
ABV 4.2%, IBU Bitterness 25

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