Here’s 6 high-proof spirits offering extra oomph


Although they can be challenging for less seasoned tasters, high proof spirits — those with an alcohol by volume (ABV) level north of 45 percent —can offer up bigger flavours in the glass. Here’s six great high proof spirits you’re going to want to look at.

2003 Bielle Brut de Fut Agricole Rhum
ABV: 54.8% or 59.8%
This is an agricole rum that packs a punch. Bottled at cask strength, non-filtered, this is the product of 2003. It’s complex on the nose with aromas of vanilla, dried fruits and hard spices. It’s got power on the palate, with butterscotch, menthol and dried fruit flavours framed by oak.
Kilchoman Machir Bay Single Malt
Scotch Whisky
ABV: 46%
This Islay whisky is a vatting of five and six year old malts that have been matured in former bourbon and oloroso sherry casks. Weighing in at a healthy 46% alcohol, this is a bottling they make each year — and each year, they add older and older malts to it.
Belvedere Intense
ABV: 50%
Coming in at a higher ABV than the Belvedere Pure, Belvedere Intense has aromas of butterscotch, vanilla and cream on the nose. With savoury spices and rich flavours of crème brulee on the palate, it finishes with vanilla and
sweet spices.
Moet Hennessy


Inner Circle Green Dot
ABV: 57.2%
With aromas of honeycomb, caramel and vanilla evident from the moment it hits the glass, the Inner Circle Green Dot has long been a popular drop. It’s got a creamy palate with hits of citrus and a great balance.
Vok Beverages


Bacardi 151
ABV: 75.5%
The whopping ABV on this rum means it’s suited to cocktails — particularly long tiki style drinks employing a mix of rums. That’s because the extreme alcohol carries the rum’s flavours through all the ingredients.
Bacardi Lion

Four Pillars Gunpowder Proof Gin
ABV: 58.8%
Called Four Pillars Gunpowder Proof Gin, they’ve added three new botanicals to the mix. They’ve added fresh turmeric for added weight and an earthy character; they’ve dialled down the oranges (which are incorporated via vapour infusion in the botanical basket above the still) and added Byron Bay finger limes, along with some fresh ginger for added spice.
Vanguard Luxury Brands


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