Sazeracs on show at Sydney’s The Swinging Cat


The Swinging Cat

44 King Street, Sydney

Has your Buzzfeedy desire for pictures of cats taken over your life? Do you post images of your cat more often than you should? We suggest you head to this new bar — there’s a cat in the name, so the adjustment should be minimal — and order yourself a hard Sazerac or two.

The bar is set in the basement of a building on Sydney’s King Street (it’s beneath the Subway — the store, not the subterranean railway network) and is owned by Peter Fischer (formerly of Zeta Bar).

Inside the bar is inspired by the New Orleans that gave us classics like the Ramos Gin Fizz, and they’ve got a menu that lists a variety of twists on the Sazerac.


The room itself is, indeed, large enough to swing a cat in — the name came about during the eight year process to open the site when they thought they’d found a venue, much smaller than the one they eventually signed the lease on.

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