Pocket group to open new bar, Crooked Tailor


With three Sydney venues, one in Terrigal, and another in Paris (it’s called Lockwood — read more about it here), the Pocket group of bars from Karl Schlothauer and Christophe Lehoux are enjoying good days.

They’re also in the midst of a new project, due to open in June, called Crooked Tailor — we asked them what to expect.

Things seem to be going well with Pocket group — how have you gone about deciding Castle Hill as your next location?

Castle Hill is an untapped market for small venues with the city only 30 minutes away. It’s a highly populated area with not really any similar venues so it’s a perfect fit for our new venture. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, we’re just trying to give a few more options to those living outside the city by bringing the small bar and restaurant culture to them.


What are your plans for the new bar? Will you be doing things differently to the other Pocket bars?

Crooked Tailor is aligned to our previous ventures with a strong focus on service, drinks and food in a relaxed atmosphere. The cocktail list will be based on seasonal products which will be changed regularly with a large display of whiskeys. The food will be a real hero of this venue with a mix of street food from around the world, burgers, dogs and a few sweeter items for dessert. It will have a similar vibe to the other venues; we want people to feel as though we’re welcoming them into our own homes where they can relax on comfy sofas while having a laugh and enjoying good quality food and drinks.

Can you describe the new bar’s fitout a bit for us?

We like to make each of our bars a little unique so with Crooked Tailor we’ve got a few original elements like the handcrafted wooden optical illusion bar front, 15,000 US coins on the bar top, and pieces of coloured fabrics falling from the ceiling. The venue will be divided into three spaces; an indoor outdoor-styled entrance made of recycled garden furniture and plenty of plants, the main area will have a long bar, booths and high tables, then we’ll have a mezzanine space which will open in a second phase and will be able to hold around 30 people.

Lastly, what’s the address and what hours do you plan on being open?

We’re down at 250 Old Northern Road, Castle Hill and will be open Tuesday – Thursday 4pm till midnight, Friday – Saturday 11am till midnight, and Sundays 11am till 10pm.


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