Relive (or live for the first time) the excess of the ’80s



Corner of Bent & Phillip Street Sydney

The 80’s were an era of excess, and it’s that era that this Sydney bar — open since late last year — is drawing upon as its inspiration.

Think fluros, think ostentatious displays and a life lived large and you get the idea.

The bar is being run by Jean Munos, who you may have last seen at Pelicano’s in Double Bay, so there’s plenty of work that’s gone into the drinks here.


Cocktails draw on famous (infamous?) identities of the era, with drinks like the Pat Cash (Hendrick’s, cucumber, apricot, citrus, and Peychaud’s) and the Pixie Skase (Rum, coconut water, blue and banana) making an appearance.

If you’ve not heard of those people before, by the way, don’t tell us you don’t know them — it’ll only make us feel old.

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