A cocktail and a roll at Waterman’s Lobster Co

East Coast USA is home to many things we like: some of the world’s greatest bars, a fine classic cocktail tradition, and great forms of seafood-in-carbohydrate eats — like the Maine-style lobster roll.

And it’s those elements — along with some great wine — that new Sydney venue, Waterman’s Lobster Co, is bringing together to Orwell Street in Potts Point.

The venue is a collaboration between Matt Swieboda (the owner of Love Tilly Devine) and Nate Hatwell, also of Love Tilly Devine, along with Tristain Blair, and named for a place from their shared childhood in WA, Waterman’s Bay.

“The aim here is to produce simple, delicious food that makes you happy while you slug back keg wine and crisp, dry beer, or a flute of Champagne for the decadent,” said Swieboda.

They’ve got two classic American lobster rolls on the menu, using lobsters from the cold waters of the Atlantic ocean, and you can have them in either Conneticut or Maine style.


They’ve got Alex Carter — who has Bentley Restaurant & Bar and Emmilou’s on his resume — on hand to man the tins, so the cocktail selection will be hard to go past: drinks like the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club make an appearance, and — could this be the start of a trend? — he’s thrown some advocaat into the Thermidore Shake (cognac, cream, advocaat, Peychaud’s Bitters).


And as you might expect, there’s plenty of chardonnay to go with the eats on offer from crisp, delicate variety to richer Burgundian styles. There’s more than enough outside of the chardonnay option to keep people coming back, too.

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