New industry program, The Blend, launches


The Blend recognises, supports and celebrates the bartender journey at each stage of their career, bringing together the whole of the Bartender Fraternity, not just the few.

“We’ll still be using our 29 years’ experience as a program dedicated to bartenders, in which educating, entertaining and rewarding is our forte,” said Beam Suntory’s Hayley Morison of the new program. “As Beam and Suntory unite, a Whisk(e)y Powerhouse is born and we bring you all the events, Masterclasses, Barfly, and much, much more…. but now known as The Blend.”

Get with the program, and update your details today. Log on to

Inspired by Beam Suntory’s incredible international spirits portfolio and a shared history of craftsmanship and innovation; The Blend program has been created to inspire, support and nurture both experienced professional and developing apprentice bartenders alike.

The program is led by bar industry innovators, mentors and master blenders, designed to aid, support and share in the development of bartenders’ careers and journeys.


To kick off The Blend — an industry leading cocktail competition focused on the continued development of bartenders we invite you to create The Perfect Blend in your own bar, in your own way.

Log on to to register, blend, send. It could be you marking your place in Spirit History, creating your very own Bartenders Blend, and $10,000 to spend as you wish.

Get with the program, and become a member of The Blend today.

Educating, entertaining and rewarding bartenders since 1986…..

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