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We’ve heard a lot about craft spirits this year. You know, it wasn’t always this way — a few years back it was all about the term “premium” and in many ways it still is. But what do these terms actually mean?

Well you’ll get an idea of that when you hit up this seminar at the Indie Tasting during Bar Week this Tuesday, as Jeremy Ferguson, co-owner of Pure Distillery (the makers of 666 Vodka) guides you through a Craft vs Premium face-off.

Click here to get your ticket to the Indie Tasting before it sells out, and taste your way through over 50 boutique, small, independent brands at Sydney Bar Week on Tuesday 22 September.

Craft vs Premium seminar

Date: Tuesday 22 September, 01:00PM – 01:20PM
Where: At the Indie Tasting at Frankie’s Pizza
Jeremy Ferguson, co-owner of Pure Distillery, makers of 666 Vodka, will guide you through this face-off.


Tickets to the Indie Tasting are $20 online (click here) or $30 on the day. Seminars are free with an Indie Tasting ticket.


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