Have a look at what Rosie Campbell’s doing


Rosie Campbell’s

320 Crown Street Surry Hills

Here’s a venue for those who love their jerk. Billed as Rosie Campbell’s Jerk Diner & Rum Bar, this is the second bar from The Experience Group, the outfit behind Sydney bar The Soda Factory.

There’s a focus on rum as you may expect (we counted around 40) from Myers Rum and Wray & Nephew from Jamaica to Barbancourt from Haiti and Ron Abuelo from Panama and more.

The cocktails have been a custom job put together by Mike Enright (co-owner of The Barber Shop and whose Barrelhouse Group was last year named Bar Operator of the Year) with names that riff on all things Jamaican: the Kingston Sour, for one, employs Appleton rum, Illegal Mezcal, toasted caraway seed and pimento syrup with lemon.


You’ll also see the hard to find Appleton White Rum paired with gin, Yellow Chartreuse, watermelon, honeydew, sugarcane and Peychaud’s in the Rosie’s Estate.

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