New Sydney bar, Darlo Country Club opens


Darlo Country Club

235 Victoria Street Darlinghurst

Two of the owners behind Sydney’s The Lobo Plantation — Eddie Levy and Michael Hwang — and two from The Island — Adam Abrams and Julian Tobias — have built upon the success of their winter popup bar, The Chalet, to unveil the Darlo Country Club.

The owners took over the site of The Victoria Room earlier this year and installed The Chalet, a wintery, popup bar that did quite well for them. They’ve since renovated the space, decking it out with some Californian country club feels (hence, we figure, the name).



Think pastel pink, moneyed green, a grand chandelier, and banquettes that feature a call button to summon the help, to give a sense of rule-the-world, see-you-at-the-Polo luxury.

The focus for the bar is on cocktails, with ex-The Lobo Plantation bartender Julius Yates on board, and will feature drinks like the Eton Fizz (pictured below) with gin, strawberry shrub, lemon juice, thyme syrup, egg white and soda.


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