Top-notch local craft vodka from Hippocampus


The folks at Hippocampus Metropolitan Distillery over in WA have taken an interesting approach to crafting their vodka; they’ve drawn on their beer brewing backgrounds to create a fermentable wash from which they make their twice-distilled vodka (others buy in high-proof neutral spirit and start from there). It’s made from wheat, is unfiltered, and is the result of a labour of love, explained Hippocampus’ Jason Markwhat.

“We set out to make a vodka which was rich and smooth and which allowed the natural subtle flavour of the wheat to come through. It took us eight months of trial and error to get the product to a level we were happy with,” he said. “Because of the cleanliness and neutrality of vodka, we quickly discovered that any impurity or defect would carry through to the end product. Our failures actually made us better distillers because we were forced to really look hard into what we were doing and understand the effect of slight changes in our fermenting and distilling regimes.

‘In hindsight, the decision to make a vodka first was a bit sadistic,” he said.

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