Take a look at the award-winning La Diablada Pisco


Macchu Pisco Presents La Diablada Pisco, 500ml, 40%

La Diablada is a blended Pisco from a private reserve of Quebranta, Muscatel and award-winning Italia and Torontel grapes and naturally reduced to 40%.

The blend of mostly aromatic grapes, which are blended from batches of single distillates, lends a musty vanilla rose petal quality to the abundant fragrance, which is grounded with a grilled lime essence. As you sip, the floral qualities continue but darken to a taste more akin to violets mingling with wet stone.

La Diablada is named after an Andean spiritual dance re-enacting a legendary fight between angels and demons. Just as the dance strives to achieve perfect harmony, this blend achieves a sumptuous balance of bold aromas and round flavours. This is a very well-balanced and interesting spirit that expands and surprises with each new sip.


La Diablada is an award winning Pisco, recognized as one of the best in Peru.

Also available Macchu Pisco 100% Quebranta 700ml, 40%.

Imported and distributed by Cerbaco Distribution, 039646 8022 or cerbaco.com.au

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