Here’s six bottles and four vodka recipes for summer


As the Australian craft spirits industry has gone through an unprecedented boom, we’ve seen a change in what punters want.
At small bars across the country gin in particular is challenging vodka as the big seller out of the rail; the guys at Papa Gede’s Bar in Sydney agreed, saying that though there is the occasional night when vodka sales are king, it’s mostly gin and rum that they’re selling.

But they also stressed that they’ve still got a special place for a vodka drink on their list, because you need to be able to take care of all types of customers. Their Summer Saint (pictured right) is that drink — with the refreshing help of pear and cucumber juice (and a great mint and thyme syrup made by blanching the herbs to keep the fresh taste and colour), it’s a balanced drink that everyone can appreciate. Take a look here at a few more suggestions of what you can do with the great white spirit.


Summer Saint

45ml Settlers Goji Berry-Infused Vodka
60ml pear & cucumber juice
15ml lemon juice
20ml mint & thyme syrup
Shake all ingredients and serve long over ice.


Adapted from a recipe by Nathan Pepper, Papa Gede’s Bar


Pink Panther Fizz

45ml Hippocampus Vodka
15ml maraschino liqueur
30ml grapefruit juice
30ml lemon juice
dash of Peychaud’s Bitters
15ml sugar syrup Homemade
tonic water to top

Shake all ingredients with then strain into a glass, top with homemade tonic.

Adapted from a recipe by Joshua Ng at Papa Gede’s Bar.


Summer Garden

45ml elit by Stolichnaya
10ml Pavan
45ml apple juice
15ml lemon juice
Fresh thyme
Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into a chilled coupe..

Adapted from a recipe by Nathan Pepper at Papa Gede’s Bar.


East 8 Hold Up

40ml Blue Duck Rare Vodka
20ml pineapple juice
15ml Aperol
15ml sugar syrup
15ml lime juice
5ml passionfruit syrup

Shake ingredients and strain over ice.

Adapted from a recipe by Kevin Armstrong, during his time at Milk & Honey, London.


Tasting notes

elit by Stolichnaya
elit by Stolichnaya is crystal-clear, and slightly viscous with good legs. It has a light, clean, fresh and engaging nose. A soft, smooth, rich and harmonious taste; velvety with balanced vodka notes. elit has a well-rounded, smooth finish.

Hippocampus Vodka
Made from biodynamic soft wheat from WA, they conduct their own ferment (they’ve got a brewing background) before distilling it and bottling it unfiltered. It has aromas of wheat on the nose and a smooth, soft and rich palate, that leads to a long-lasting finish.
Hippocampus Drinks

Blue Duck Rare Vodka
Handcrafted and batch-distilled in a copper pot still, Blue Duck Rare Vodka undergoes seven distillations and is blended with some of the world’s purest water, producing a velvety-smooth palate.
Artisan Handcrafted

Fire Drum Vodka
Using 100% Tasmanian-grown and malted Franklin Barley with pure Tasmanian water, only the heart of the distillation is used and filtered once through charcoal. It’s a full-flavoured vodka with malty sweetness on the palate.
Savant Spirits

Settlers Vodka & Goji
Goji berries are as superfood, and these are infused into this triple-distilled, super clean neutral spirit, enhanced with a hint of sweetness from vanilla pods.
McLaren Vale Distilling Company

42BELOW Pure
Made from a base of Australian wheat, and distilled four times in a column still. 42BELOW Pure has aniseed and peppery notes, along with a vanilla character on the palate.
Bacardi Lion

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