The Blend team strike again!


An exciting new training program for 2016 Launches; THE BLENDS OF THE WORLD.

The first module kicking off is The Blends of the America’s, with a special guest mentor to lead the way.

Who you ask?

The one and only widely published and award winning food and drinks journalist, TV presenter, globetrotting bartender, trainer, consultant and esteemed industry great Naren Young, (phwoar that was a mouthful) who has garnered an impressive and successful 20 year multifaceted hospitality career.


The Australian native who is currently based in New York City is flying direct to our shores this March to bring the ‘10 North American Whiskey drinks everyone should know’ Masterclasses exclusively to members of The Blend. Touring 5 states, members can expect to be taken on a journey of the classics, surprising twists on our favourite cocktails and what’s hot right now in New York City!

Spaces are limited, so to safeguard your seat at the table at this rare opportunity to learn from one best.

Log on to and head to the WHAT’S ON page to reserve your spot.

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